Screenwriting software built by screenwriters
About WriterDuet
Created in 2013 by Guy Goldstein, WriterDuet has grown from a fun weekend project to show off at SXSW to an industry standard used by professionals across the globe. Powered by Google's Firebase service, WriterDuet allows you to write in real-time with anyone, anywhere.
Our Mission
We want to provide the most efficient, productive and enjoyable writing experience possible for solo writers, co-writers, and writing teams. We strive to make our software intuitive and user-friendly - whether its your first script or your hundredth. Finally, we aim to streamline the creative writing process from start to finish using the most cutting-edge technology available.
"WriterDuet helped me escape Final Draft. Being web-based gives me the flexibility to write anywhere on any system. And I never have to worry about crashes and lost hours of work ever again. ...I recommend it to every other screenwriter I meet."
- Christopher Ford (Spider-Man: Homecoming)
"The app saves my whole thought process for me. On top of that, these guys are iterating the app so fast, they're running circles around the industry leader. WriterDuet definitely feels like the future."
- Andy Bobrow (Community, Malcolm in the Middle, Last Man On Earth)
"WriterDuet combines instinct and user-friendliness for a unique and exhilarating way for writers to collaborate, whether in real-time or in non-synchronized work. It has features that are vital for teamwork in scriptwriting. It's a meticulously-created gem, and a must-have for collaborations."
- Jim Uhls (Fight Club)